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  During the early days of my ovarian cancer journey, I let my circumstances determine my attitude. And since my circumstances were negative back then, my attitude was negative too. Thankfully, I soon learned that it didn’t have to be that way.

  A short time after my cancer diagnosis, a friend suggested that I listen to a certain pastor’s radio program. Since I was a party girl back then, it was a bold move on my friend’s part to even suggest that I listen to it! Desperate for any kind of help though, I decided to tune in. 

  On the day I chose to listen, the pastor mentioned the fact that we have control over our own attitudes. After hearing those words they stayed with me, and I soon concluded that daily I had been letting my more than difficult circumstances determine my attitude. 

  Relief soon flooded my heart as I realized that I was in control of my attitude and didn’t have to live another day imprisoned by a negative one. Right then and there I resolved to daily choose a positive attitude instead of the negative one I had been lugging around. From that day forward I no longer let my circumstances determine my attitude. And, amazingly, as I became more positive, those around me did too. Attitudes can be contagious! 

  Knowing that I have control over my own attitude and can daily choose my own attitude forever changed my days and set me free. I am eternally grateful for my friend’s boldness and the pastor’s timely words!   

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