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  The world around us seduces us, and one of its slyest seductions is to get us to place our hope in the things of this world. Things that will one day pass away such as our health, our bank account, a certain doctor, our family, an exercise regimen or latest diet. But sooner or later we will discover that these temporary things can only offer us temporary hope. 

  In 1991, I was without hope and without God. At the time I was thirty-three years old and had just been diagnosed with stage-four ovarian cancer. It was during those difficult days of my life, I came to know a different kind of hope. A hope not based on the things of this world, but rather on a person, Jesus Christ. This kind of hope is not a wishful thinking kind of hope or a temporary hope. Rather it’s permanent, enduring and continuing without change. It’s also a living hope because Jesus rose from the dead and offers us the hope of eternal life. It’s the kind of hope that will never disappoint us and is an anchor for the soul. 

  When we turn from our sins and trust in Jesus alone to save us from the consequences of sin, we find this enduring kind of hope. And hopelessness is then sent packing! We also find eternal life, peace, joy and so much more.  

  Someone once said that a man can live three weeks without food, three days without water, and three minutes without air, but he cannot live three seconds without hope. Hope has been an essential part of my journey . . . the kind of hope that comes through a relationship with Jesus. The One who waited for me with open arms when I was desperately in need of hope. The One whose name is the hope of the world.  

  No one has to live without hope. Hope is there for the taking.

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